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Saying “we want a better website” is like saying, “we want a better business”.
But what exactly does “a better business” mean?

Do you want to increase revenue? Maximize profitability? Or maybe improve customer satisfaction? This could mean a number of different things for different people in different situations.

Unfortunately, simply wanting a better website is not a clear objective and many professionals end up learning the hard way that solely stating so won’t correlate to business results. There must be clarity in your website goals and concrete desired business results, or it will fail.

Let's work together to build a Website that will exceed your business and strategic goals.

New Website Design Build Process

What to expect during the new Website build process
  • 1

    Planning & Design

    When you take the time to think through your project prior to starting the build you can usually foresee obstacles and come up with a plan for avoiding them.

    This will actually save your time (and money) in the long run. In this phase planning and design is a priority. We will spend a lot of time going over the plan before we commit to a single design feature or layout entity.

  • 2

    Platform Security

    In this day and age cybersecurity is of upmost importance for any business with an online presence. Whether you’re running an ecommerce site, a company blog, a general front end site, or all of the above, ensuring that your content is safe and sound is paramount.

    In this phase of the process we will build a strong security model and apply it across the entire project. This is a good time to purchase and apply an SSL cert, a ``must have`` for any site.

  • 3

    Build, Test, Validate

    At this point, we will attend to the final details and test your web site. We will test things such as the complete functionality of forms or other scripts, as well as testing for last minute compatibility issues (viewing differences between different web browsers), ensuring that your web site is optimized to be viewed properly in the most recent browser versions and a whole host of other metrics and milestones.

    We will repeat the build, test, validate process as many times as necessary to make sure that the new site is ready for pre-launch processes.

  • 4

    Release & Monitor

    It’s a lot of little things. That’s what web design is all about. There is a staggering number of ways to screw up. So quality is all about details. To make sure nothing is missed, professionals use checklists. We have a ton of these checklists here at A10CyberWorks.

    Time to make sure that the final design is faithful to the original plan. It’s common for formatting and images to be inconsistent with the approved designs, which can ruin a lot of effort from the web design process. Things will get real busy at this point. We have a large checklist to follow and will monitor the site for performance and check analytics to make sure the site is functioning properly.

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